KALKI is an independent ongoing project which combines contemporary design with traditions, crafts and materials from Bangladesh. Together with a group of bangladeshi women in East Rome, we  search and redesign everyday objects from Bangladesh exploring the creative possibilities connected with their use in a different context. The work of KALKI reinterprets these objects and rituals associated with their use with collective projects ranging from self-produced design to installations, to narrative and photograpy research.

Kalki /kòlki/  is a bangla word for one of the most popular motif used to decorate traditional textiles.

KALKI approaches self-production as social research, with a design language based on plurality and equal exchange of cultures and traditions. Combining italian territorial crafts with materials and traditions from Bangladesh, we explore the coming together of different objects and stories.

KALKI organizes exhibition experiments and food events based on the observations of social dynamics and rivisitation of traditional bangladeshi food, revealing simple but unexpected possibilities of traditions and conviviality.





Jhumka spoon