Our project has to be considered as a small contribution to the delicate support in enhancing mothers’ opportunities and parental abilities. With a continuity of work with a care center for mother and children , there will be the possibility to create a common participating process in creating a garden, in order to add new spaces and experiences through a creative and multicultural approach towards the relationship between food and nature.

Possible configurations of the garden will be studied combining the creative visions of the mothers with inspirational images of floral compositions and tablescapes. The garden is composed by aromatic plants and herbs that are used in food preparation. The plants are suggested by the women, based on their different needs, ideas and geographic origins.

An aromatic garden is a garden of useful plants that anyone could easily grow, taste, smell and eat. This aspect of utility facilitates to establish a compatible relation between lifestyle and landscape, thus enhancing the interest and responsibility of the mothers towards the garden.

The layout is based on the presence of a large table, which can be used as support for plants and objects.

Plants, flowers, tools and other objects on the table create a setting which is perceived in continuity with the surrounding vegetation and path. This set of natural and artificial elements will work as a multisensorial tool to create opportunities for interaction, education, recipes exchange and experiments with food. The garden is an intimate and bright place where the mothers can seat, walk and enjoy simple activities with their kids.





With:  APS Mitades